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Taking Breaks: Nurturing Intuition and Authenticity in Artistic Practice

woman in white and blue stripe skirt and brown sun hat standing on water

Hey there, ya freaks! Today, I find myself engaged in a familiar internal dialogue: the resistance to taking breaks from my creative pursuits. As an artist, it’s easy to fall into the trap of constant productivity, even within the realm of intuitive painting.

Intuitive painting, at its core, is about following your feelings and doing what your intuition truly desires. However, I often catch myself questioning, “Why aren’t you in the studio painting?” The truth is, sometimes my intuition craves something entirely different.

There are moments when I just want to sit down and watch a movie, swim in the pool, or even wash the dishes piling up in the sink. Despite art being my passion and ultimate career, I never want to create out of obligation. I want to show up to my studio with an authentic desire to create.

I’ve come to realize that taking the time to engage in non-artistic activities rejuvenates me and provides the energy and inspiration I need to enter the studio with a renewed sense of purpose. It’s about finding balance and allowing myself the space to connect with different aspects of life.

My process of intuitive painting plays a significant role in getting in touch with my true self—connecting with what I’m genuinely feeling and desiring in each moment. It’s a practice that extends beyond the studio. I aspire to cultivate that level of connection with myself throughout my daily life.

By honoring these breaks and engaging in activities that bring me joy, I maintain a healthy relationship with my artistic practice. It becomes a conscious choice rather than an obligation. It’s through these pauses that I foster a deeper understanding of myself, my desires, and what truly fuels my creativity.

So, dear weirdos, remember the importance of doing what we REALLY want to do, and nurturing authenticity in our entire lives as well as our artistic practice. Whether it’s clipping our toenails, watching birds from our back porch, or simply being present with ourselves, I encourage us all to embrace those moments that replenish our spirits and inspire us to create from a place of genuine desire.

If you would like to learn more about my intuitive painting process and expanding your own creativity, check out my online workshop: Into The Wild.

Love y’all


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