Private Intuitive Painting Session


Unleash your creativity with a personalized private intuitive painting session. Schedule in advance with artist Erin Meyers for a transformative one-on-one experience tailored to your artistic journey. Reserve your session today for an unforgettable artistic exploration.



Immerse yourself in the world of intuitive painting with a private session led by artist Erin Meyers in Jacksonville, Florida. This all-inclusive experience provides up to 3 hours of dedicated time to create, with all necessary supplies provided. Choose your preferred location or visit Erin’s studio at Bespoke House, 4624 Park Street, Jacksonville, Florida, for an unforgettable artistic journey. Schedule in advance to secure your spot and unlock your artistic potential today.

All supplies are provided for this workshop, but this video can give you an idea of what kinds of tools and mediums we will be using in our private session.



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