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Exploring Intuitive Art

Hey there, lovely weirdos! It’s Erin Meyers here, your local awkward intuitive artist, ready to share an exciting journey with you. I’m thrilled to connect with you and delve into the world of creativity, self-expression, and embracing the joy of the artistic process.

Throughout the years, my artistic exploration has expanded beyond traditional paint and canvas. While I still adore the tactile experience of brush strokes and the smell of fresh paint, I’ve also ventured into the captivating realm of digital art. Yes, you heard it right—I’ve found a way to bring my intuitive creativity into the digital world!

By incorporating tools like the Procreate app on my iPad, I’ve discovered a whole new level of satisfaction and artistic expression. Surprisingly, the digital medium provides an equally fulfilling experience to traditional methods. Whether I’m sketching, painting, or experimenting with vibrant colors, the possibilities are limitless, and the joy of the process remains ever-present. I encourage everyone to be open to embracing the new medium of digital if they have the desire.

Now, allow me to give a small disclaimer about who I am. I must admit, I’m a little strange, but that never stops me from being outgoing and talkative in social situations. In fact, my anxiety tends to make me even chattier! I find solace in humor, and I tend to say inappropriate things on the regular. I don’t know if this is to lighten the atmosphere and ease others’ anxiety, or if it is to filter out the people who will be easily offended by my authenticity. Being open about my own weirdness and anxiety allows me to connect with people on a deeper level, and I genuinely adore each person I meet.

You might find it odd that I have this paradoxical nature—a combination of being a socialite and a hermit simultaneously. When I’m out and about, you’ll often spot me with a paintbrush or can of spray paint in hand or more recently spinning on a lyra (an aerial hoop). These activities give me a sense of focus and make social interactions feel more natural. But let’s not forget, I also cherish my alone time, surrounded by nature or in the company of my fifteen cats. Yes, I said fifteen. It’s in these moments that I find restoration and reconnect with my inner self.

However, despite my need for solitude, my love for people and community knows no bounds. I’m constantly seeking ways to connect with individuals, sharing my creative process, and spreading the immense joy it has brought me. I’m a firm believer that every person possesses something truly unique and special to offer the world.

So, dear readers, join me on this incredible journey as we explore intuitive painting, embracing both the analog and digital canvas, and celebrate the beauty of individual creativity. Together, let’s encourage one another to unlock our artistic potential and share our gifts with the world.

Stay tuned for more creative love, artistic inspiration, and opportunities to connect with me and our vibrant community at Bespoke House. Don’t forget to visit for updates, workshops, and a glimpse into my maximalist world.

Love y’all!


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