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Design Portfolio

Graphic Design

Welcome to Erin Meyers’ captivating graphic design portfolio! As a versatile and talented artist, Erin has artfully designed and written a collection of exquisite journals, curated self-care products, and enchanting coloring books boasting intricate and one-of-a-kind designs. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creativity, her work exudes a magical charm that leaves a lasting impression. From evocative journal covers to soul-soothing self-care products, each piece reflects her artistic brilliance and dedication to crafting unique experiences for her audience. Delve into Erin’s world of creativity, where imagination intertwines with artistic expression, and immerse yourself in the wondrous tapestry of her graphic design portfolio.


Explore a world of creativity and inspiration with Erin Meyers’ collection of publications. From the transformative Intuitive Creativity Journal to enchanting Coloring Books and captivating Children’s Stories, discover a treasure trove of artistic and imaginative works that invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and creativity. Dive into these unique publications and unlock your creative potential today.

Funny Designs

Indulge in laughter and irreverence with Erin Meyers’ collection of humorous designs. From witty magnets to cheeky t-shirt slogans, explore a world of playful and lighthearted creations that are sure to bring a smile to your face. Dive into these unique designs and add a touch of humor and originality to your life today


Discover an extraordinary collection of vibrant, detailed, and psychedelic botanical designs created by Erin Meyers. These vintage-inspired intuitive creations showcase unique patterns that are available for licensing. Immerse yourself in a world of mesmerizing flora, where each design tells a story of its own. With their intricate details and captivating colors, these botanical artworks are perfect for various applications, including textiles, stationery, and home decor. Don’t miss the opportunity to infuse your projects with the allure of these one-of-a-kind designs. Explore the botanical collection now and unlock a treasure trove of vintage-inspired artistry at its finest.


Get ready to make a bold style statement with these eye-catching creations featuring vibrant color stripes and intricate patterns. Each piece is meticulously crafted to bring a burst of energy and a touch of playfulness to your wardrobe or living space.

Embrace the Vibrancy: These designs are a celebration of colors, with vivid stripes and mesmerizing patterns that instantly catch the eye. They add a vibrant and dynamic touch to any outfit or interior decor, exuding positivity and joy.

Prism Rainbow

Welcome to a world where vibrant prism rainbows meet the celebration of individual weirdness! Explore Erin Meyers’ collection of prism rainbow designs that capture the essence of embracing your unique and unconventional self. From whimsical tote bags to enchanting art prints, you will find a range of creations that reflect the magic and beauty of being delightfully weird.

Mandala Style

Welcome to Erin Meyers’ mesmerizing portfolio of mandala-style designs! As a gifted artist, Erin weaves intricate and enchanting patterns to create a captivating collection of mandalas. Each piece is a harmonious fusion of symmetrical beauty and artistic finesse, reflecting her deep passion for exploring the meditative power of mandalas. From soothing color palettes to meticulously crafted details, her mandalas evoke a sense of tranquility and introspection. Whether adorning art prints, home decor, or digital products, Erin’s mandala-style designs captivate the senses and elevate spaces with their unique allure. Immerse yourself in the world of mandalas and experience the transformative magic of Erin Meyers’ artistic journey.

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