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About the Artist

Erin Meyers: Artist, Environmental Advocate, Writer, and Creativity Enthusiast

Erin Meyers is a multi-talented individual, renowned as an artist, environmental scientist, writer, and passionate advocate of creativity. Hailing from the expanding city of Jacksonville, Florida, her upbringing in close proximity to the ocean and river ignited an early passion for nature that continues to shape her artistic journey.

Drawing from her academic background in Marine Science and Biochemistry, Erin dedicates her efforts to investigating and combatting water contamination in North East Florida, with a paramount mission to protect and preserve the delicate ecosystems of her beloved home state. She seamlessly blends her extensive background in environmental science, her unwavering dedication to conserving Florida’s wildlife and habitats, and her fervent enthusiasm for creativity. Through her art, she advocates for environmental awareness, shining a spotlight on critical issues. Her exceptional work in this realm has earned recognition from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, acknowledging her profound contribution to conservation through the power of artistic expression.

Erin’s deep reverence for nature and wildlife finds expression in her art, as she masterfully captures their essence through a surreal and whimsical lens that reflects her unique perspective. As an intuitive painter, she approaches each project with spontaneity, immersing herself fully in the creative process. The result is artwork that exudes raw authenticity, born from a surrender to the inherent flow of creativity.

In addition to her artistic endeavors, Erin is a writer, sharing her creative process and guiding others on their own intuitive painting journey. Her articles provide invaluable insights and practical advice for individuals seeking to tap into their authentic creativity and embark on a transformative artistic path.

Complementing her authorship, Erin actively facilitates intuitive painting workshops, both locally and online, where she imparts her magnetic passion for the creative process. Her workshops have attracted a devoted community of students eager to explore and awaken their inner artist.

Beyond her artistic pursuits, Erin’s portfolio showcases her expertise as a Digital Marketing Specialist at Bespoke House in Jacksonville, FL. Her role involves content writing, illustration, event promotion, and digital marketing. She utilizes her content writing skills to create engaging and persuasive copy for various mediums, while her illustration expertise is applied to develop visually appealing graphics and artwork for promotional materials. Erin actively promotes events through strategic digital marketing, including social media campaigns and email marketing, and collaborates with team members to implement effective marketing strategies.

Her experience as a freelance artist and illustrator reflects her proficiency in graphic design and her ability to create visually appealing artwork and designs using traditional and digital techniques. Erin’s strong understanding of branding principles, typography, and layout design allows her to maintain brand consistency across various promotional materials and communication channels.

With her diverse skill set, ranging from creative illustration and graphic design to content writing and digital marketing, Erin continues to thrive as a dynamic artist and professional. To immerse yourself in the captivating world of Erin Meyers’ art and explore her insightful articles on the creative process, visit, and Unleash your boundless creative potential under Erin’s expert guidance and discover the transformative power of intuitive painting.

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